Many of the receiver modules (MX-05V) working with the Virtual Wire library (I would like to add a link here but it requires 10 reputation, so I'll do that later) have two data pins. However only one of them is used in the examples I have seen so far.

This picture shows a transmitter (top left) and a receiver (bottom right). Apparently the receiver has four pins - two of them are data pins.

Transmitter and receiver module

Image source

What is the purpose of the second data pin on the receiver module and how to use it?

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    you can still put the part number of the module in your question. Someone might then edit your post and put in the data sheet.
    – Marla
    Commented Jul 9, 2016 at 15:01

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I would expect only one data line output from the receiver.

Looks like the manufacturer might have just connected the 2 data pins together. You could try using either pin to confirm that the two data output pins are simply connected together.

enter image description here

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