I want to communicate Arduino A to Arduino B by using RF module. But my RF module (Tx- XLPCF20, Rx- XY-R01A) only consist of 4 pins of data pin where it can send 4 bits of data only. So, I want to develop a new encoding to send data by using 4 bits of data. How should i do for the coding since I don't want to use serial write for coding. Any suggestion? Help me please. If u can give me the coding, I'm beyond thankful.

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You have 4 channels of raw HIGH/LOW communication. How you use them is up to you.

The simplest method is to use an asynchronous serial protocol:

  • Use Serial: Connect the TX of one Arduino to channel 1 at the TX, and RX channel 1 to RX on the other Arduino
  • Use SoftwareSerial: The same as above but you choose the pins
  • Use VirtualWire: very similar to SoftwareSerial

For higher speeds, since you have 4 channels, you could use a synchronous serial communication protocol. It should be perfectly possible to connect three of the channels to SPI and communicate as if it were talking directly to an SPI device - one channel to SCK, one to MOSI and one to SS. The other end has SCK, MOSI and SS but running in slave mode.

No need to "invent" a 4-bit protocol, it's too much work.

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