How can i receive the data from my Arduino Mega 2560 with Visual C# on my PC.

I send a short databyte (2 bytes) and a timestamp (4 bytes) over USB to PC


const int RX = 0;
const int TX = 1;  

void setup(){

pinMode(RX, INPUT);   //readpin for USB
pinMode(TX, OUTPUT);  //writepin for USB

Serial.begin(28800);   //open interface


 Serial.print(incomingByte, BIN); //sending databyte

 sendBinary(currentMillis);   //send timestamp

//method for timestamp

void sendBinary(long currnetMillis)
  int temp = currentMillis&0xFFFF;  //16 bit of the low-byte
  temp = currentMillis >> 16;       //16 bit of the high-byte

I have surched in the internet for an example but i didn´t find a good. So i ask here what ist the best way with Visual Studio C# to receive the incoming data? An example code will be nice because i´m a beginner and didn´t understand the jargon.

With frindly wishes sniffi


I haven't tried the code below, but it should point you in the right direction.

All you have to do is write a C# program that opens the Serial port that your Arduino is connected to and read and write from there like you would from a file.

  1. Open Visual Studio, create a C# command line project.

  2. Paste this code inside main()

        System.IO.Ports.SerialPort port = new SerialPort("COM1", 9600);
            while (true)
                int readData = port.ReadByte();
                System.Console.WriteLine("Read {0} from the port", readData);
        catch(Exception)  // Press CTRL-C to exit.
  3. Compile the code and run it.

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