I am using Mikael Hart's TinyGPS (v.13) library and example code to talk to my module. The LED on the GPS module is lit and flashing which I assume means it is receiving data from the GPS satellites. The module seller claims that the module has a default baud of 38400.

I'm pretty sure it's wired up correctly:

Arduino side Neo 6M-0-001 side

And my sketch says:

SoftwareSerial ss(4, 3);

So I read this as Orange (Rx) to pin 4 and Brown (Tx) to pin 3.

Any help appreciated

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RX of the Arduino (pin 4, according to the SoftwareSerial statement) goes to the TX of the GPS. Arduino pin 3 (ss TX) goes to the GPS RX.

And you should use pins 8 & 9 instead. That would let you use AltSoftSerial, the best choice when you can't use HardwareSerial (i.e., Serial).

If you can't use pins 8 & 9, then NeoSWSerial is a better choice than SoftwareSerial.

And while I'm promoting NeoSWSerial, I'll mention a library I wrote, NeoGPS... It's faster and smaller than all other GPS libraries, and very configurable. It also has several diagnostic programs and a Troubleshooting section in the docs.

  • Thanks - I'll give it ago and report back. Your answer came a little after I'd put everything away for the day. . The chip specif library in particular sounds very useful. Commented May 16, 2016 at 1:16

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