Rhetorical, yet silly question: Given an Arduino to manage, what would be the easiest way, in terms of available actuators (price/availability counts) to:

a) Apply a positive feedback to a cat, in exchange for a good action?

b) Apply a NEGATIVE feedback to a cat, like trying to reach forbidden places?

  • Err, don't we have an actuators tag? – aldrinleal May 13 '16 at 14:07
  • This constitutes animal abuse. You should not have a cat if this is how you are thinking of treating him. – JayEye May 16 '16 at 18:09
  • To anyone downvoting: Next time you laugh at Blender Defender, please remind of your hypocrisy. I'm not aiming at torture, just negative feedback. – aldrinleal May 25 '16 at 5:31
  • That's what the CIA said; it wasn't torture, it was advanced interrogation techniques. I don't know what blender defender is. If what you are doing induces discomfort in the cat, it's animal abuse. You should also try to improve your English. – JayEye May 25 '16 at 18:21

For the negative feedback, you could use a loud, screetching noise. I would suspect, however, that the cat would eventually get used to it and ignore it.

Depending on your cat's tastes, you could use the same hardware for positive feedback - playing, for example, a Mozart tune if that's what your cat is into.

I know, a silly answer, but what can you do with a silly question? ;-)

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