I've seen here that it is possible to enable keyboard feature on Arduino Uno so it can emulate a keyboard (send keystrokes to computer) like the Leonardo. They do it by updating ATmega16U2 firmware. But I bought a cheap arduino clone that uses CH340G instead of this chip. Is there any way to do the same with this chip? Can this even work on standard arduino uno?

  • Maybe you can find/write a c/c++ program for the PC that reads a COM port and sends it as keystrokes. The hardware is pretty much fixed in your project. Unless you use an Arduino with 32uX aa a serial/USB interface chip.
    – Paul
    May 12, 2016 at 5:03

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No. That chip can only act as a USB-UART bridge. You could use V-USB to turn the ATmega328P into a low-speed USB device, but the Arduino IDE has no support for that.

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