The LED_UPDATE() is called in my loop() function, I implemented it (tried anyways), to send sms as shown in the code such that only one sms is sent , because as the loop() keeps calling LED_UPDATE(), it's going to keep sending an sms every time (yep you guessed it, very bad for credit :o )

any tips on how I can get around this or what i'm doing wrong in my code would be much appreciated.

p.s. nearly left my mobile phone in the code lol

void LED_UPDATE(int state) 

int count; // initialized to zero, once program runs it automatically enter state ==1 
if (state == 1)

    digitalWrite(RED_PIN, LOW);
    digitalWrite(GREEN_PIN, HIGH);
else if (state == 2)

  if(count == 1 )
    sms.SendSMS("086XXXXXXX", "PANIC BUTTON PRESSED, Subject needs help!!!");

  • Can you please add the code to sms.SendSMS(string phoneno,string msg) – Jahnavi Reddy Jan 28 '18 at 13:07

You are resetting count every time you enter the function.

static int count; // initialized to zero, once.

Adding the static statement should initialise the variable once and preserve its value between calls.

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