Where can I find a hardware manual (documentation or a book) for Arduino board?

As far as I know, all hardware details are dispersed (or scatter) in different tutorials.


The Arduino Uno is little more than an ATmega328P microcontroller. In most cases you will be interested by the documentation of the microcontroller itself. Anyway, here are both:

Alberto (aka PighiXXX) has published nicer versions of the Arduino Uno pinout.

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  • I've added the "Arduino specific" guides/help from Arduino.cc, since it's not a completely new answer. Feedback is appreciated, I can revert it/create my own answer if neccesary. – Paul Apr 11 '16 at 14:38
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    @Paul: The question is about the hardware of the Arduino Uno, and the OP specifically wrote he is looking for reference material (manual, documentation or book) rather than tutorials. The links you added are very general. They are not specific to the Uno hardware, and they tend to cover the software more than the hardware. – Edgar Bonet Apr 11 '16 at 18:01
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For the hardware part, you can refer to the schematic. It shows all the components so you can find their datasheets for detailed study.

UNO schematic

But to me, if you're just using the board but not designing your own board or writing libraries for the board, I don't think this is necessary. Stick to application level or IO-level and only really dig into the hardware when you're blocked when doing things like using all timers, low-power mode, interrupt with Serial...

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