How can I get AD8232 chip in Arduino simulator? It is because I have my ciruit comprising AD8232 analogue chip but I dont get this chip? I want to make simulatoin of my ciruit. If it is can not be found in Arduino please direct me in which circuit simulating software can I get it!


I don't think there would be an actual simulator for this chip. Its hard. But there is a way around.

What you are doing eventually is ECG and the output given by this chip is just analog signal i.e. a single float value. So, lets say for now, all you are concerned with is obtaining those float values irrespective of source. And of course you need a lot of them.

What you can do is to use a dataset. As indicated by its name, a dataset contains a large number of (recorded) value of something.

So, you can use a dataset for heart reate to simulate this chip.

There are many related datasets available online for free. just Google it. and find one that suits you.

Hope it help. Thanks.

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