Are there any MQTT libraries that do not block while connecting?

I'm currently using PubSubClient, and the connection part contains this code: https://github.com/knolleary/pubsubclient/blob/master/src/PubSubClient.cpp

        while (!_client->available()) {
            unsigned long t = millis();
            if (t-lastInActivity >= ((int32_t) MQTT_SOCKET_TIMEOUT*1000UL)) {
                _state = MQTT_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT;
                return false;

I'd like my main loop to continue, or a callback to be called, while the MQTT connection is established, rather than waiting for ages if the MQTT server is unavailable.


I wrote a modification to take a callback function, and called it in an else clause added to that if statement, and discovered that the blocking delay is not this while loop. I think it's in the _client->connect at the start of the method.

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