I want to develop a project which has two cameras that can be controlled by Arduino,a range finder to get the distance of the objects that are captured by these cameras and the measured distance should be converted to acoustic signal that is audible by connecting ear phones to it.

The location where one is has to be identified by GPS.

So can I use a single Arduino board to interface this, or if not, please suggest any other way to implement it.

  • First few doubts regarding your question, by controlling do you mean that you want to read in camera data into Arduino or you just want to orient the camera with the help of Arduino? If you want to read the camera data with Arduino, i am sorry you can't since it don't have enough processing power to do the job. It needs a little help like this--->"charmedlabs.com/default/pixy-cmucam5". If it is the later case i.e orienting the camera, you can just use servos to control the pitch, yaw, roll of the camera. Arduino Uno will be able to control up to 12 Servos, if it is Mega then 48. Good l – the_parzival Mar 18 '16 at 8:36
  • Which cameras are you using? Can you control one of them with an Arduino? How? – uint128_t Mar 18 '16 at 14:02

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