I followed this guide to program AtTiny using Arduino as ISP. The problem is that it has some file missing:

java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\...\arduino-1.6.8\hardware\attiny\variants\platform.txt

The attiny directory is clone of this repository. How do I make it work?


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  • Open the "Preferences" dialog in the Arduino IDE.

  • Click on the symbol next to "Additional Board Manager URLs"

    Additional Board Manager URLs

  • Paste the following into the box (possibly on a new line under any existing URLs), then click OK.


    Add board URL

    Note that you can click on the circled link for a list of boards. This will open in your web browser. You may have to switch to your browser to notice it.

List of unofficial boards

  • Click OK to close the Preferences dialog box.

  • In the Tools menu / Board select the Boards Manager:

    Boards Manager

  • Scroll down until you see the Attiny entry (or the one for the board you want), click on it to select it, and then click "Install".

    Install Attiny

  • Once done, close the Board Manager dialog box.

  • You should now be able to select Attiny from the Boards menu:

    Select Attiny

  • Now in the Tools menu you can select which Attiny you want to use:

    Which Attiny

  • Notice you can also select the appropriate clock speed in an adjacent menu item.

  • To program the Attiny you will need a suitable ISP (In System Programmer) such as the AVRISP programmer, or the USBtinyISP programmer.


The way of adding boards has changed in the newer version.

Try finding a tutorial for 1.6, or download the older 1.0 version.

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    I tried to find up to date tutorials and what I found is linked in my question. I think this answer would better qualify as a comment since it's like link-only, but without the link... Mar 13, 2016 at 16:50
  • The tutorial was using version 1.0, while you are using 1.6.8. That is why you are getting the error. So that is an answer. PS The tutorial is more than 4 years old, and the github repo is from 2011.
    – Gerben
    Mar 13, 2016 at 17:12

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