There is String.toInt(), but no String.toLong() or the many other variations. Do I have to resort to atol(String.c_str()) or is there a better way to convert a String to a long?

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Using atol(String.c_str()) looks OK to me. If there was a String.toLong() it would be written that way anyway.

In fact, looking at the code for String.toInt() that's exactly what it does:

long String::toInt(void) const
    if (buffer) return atol(buffer);
    return 0;

So the answer is: use String.toInt().

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    Interesting. I wonder why they didn't just call it toLong()?? Aug 24, 2017 at 0:20

So the answer is: use String.toInt().

Probably not, as this is the definition of a String method:

long String::toInt(void) const

The real work is:


ASCII to long.

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