In the Arduino IDE on my RPi on the top there is a header that says, File, Edit, Tools and help.

Following a Magpi article it said to go to tools then serial port and change that depending on what board you use. The only problem is that it's not there, when I click tools I scroll down and there grayed out it says, serial port.

Why is this grayed out? And why can I not change it? Also, what port should be used for an Uno?

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It's greyed out because it can't find any serial ports.

That could be because:

  • There aren't any detected (not got the right kernel modules loaded)
  • You don't have permission to access the serial ports (are you in the dialout group?)

Have you followed the Linux installation instructions? http://playground.arduino.cc/Linux/All


That would require RTFM :)

For the last many years (on various linux variants including rpi) a quick solution is:

sudo chmod ugo+rw /dev/ttyACM0

after plugging in the arduino.

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