Is there Arduino shields with blocks of 4 pins that you can plug your servos into and use the fourth pin as signal pin to the Arduino Mega board?

  • You could (probably) easily make this yourself (using an Arduino prototype board and some pin-headers) or buy an arduino "servo controller shield". Also, Arduino.Stack Exchange isn't the place for shopping recommendations, you could ask suppliers/manufacturers if they have such a thing available. It's also a little unclear, do you want the 3 servo's to receive the same signal? You could simply attach them to the same header and "short", solder or jumper the pins together. – Paul Mar 17 '16 at 10:04

Do you mean something like a sensor shield? They have three pins (Vcc, GND, signal), not four (because servos have three pins), but they are designed for connecting a large number of servos Arduino Mega sensor shield

These can be found easily and cheaply all over the internet.

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