I'm looking for a motor drive for use with an Arduino that fits the following requirements:

  • Drive brushed or brushless DC motors (I don't mind which)
  • Regenerative - can feed power back to the supply when slowing the motor
  • Serial control interface - I don't much care about the details of voltage levels, baud rate etc but I want a serial control interface, not analog/PWM
  • Torque control mode - most drives have speed control modes where the input specifies a fraction of the maximum speed, but I'm looking for one with a mode where the input specifies a fraction of the maximum torque to be applied
  • 12V, 5A rated supply - there is some flexibility here, but I'm not looking for a 400V, 50A machine. It needs to be small. Ideally the motor would be rated about 50VA and we'd be able to work over most of the control input range
  • Arduino shield footprint would be ideal, but some other fairly standard connector to interface to the arduino would be okay
  • Ideally would be able to report motor speed over the serial interface, but not essential

Any recommendations for drives that fit these?

  • How does this not fit under the "Board recommendations" point of what is on-topic? – Tom Mar 8 '16 at 11:18

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