Recently I ordered some ATtiny85's from Jameco, and I've been trying to upload code to them through an Arduino Uno, following the instructions from this video on YouTube. I've been getting a lot of unexpected errors and I am now wondering if the chips I bought are the problem. Here are the specs from the Jameco website:

Flash (Kbytes): 8 Kbytes

Pin Count: 8

Max. Operating Frequency: 20 MHz

Power Supply: 2.7 - 5.5V

Operational Range: Industrial (A) (-40°C to 85°C)

CPU: 8-bit AVR

Number of Touch Channels: 3

Hardware QTouch Acquisition: No

Max I/O Pins: 6

Ext Interrupts: 6

USB Speed: No

USB Interface: No

Does the "USB Speed: No; USB Interface: No" mean these aren't programmable by my set up? Or is there is anything else I should know about these chips? Do I need to get new ones that are different?

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    Please post the error messages. There are a lot of warnings when programming ATtiny with these old tools. Feb 16, 2016 at 16:07

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Before you panic (try not to panic) and buy new chips, test the existing ones. See my page about detecting chip signatures which has links to code on Github for a sketch you can run on your Uno, to test the ATtiny85.

Chip detector wiring

You can also upload code from a .hex file (which the IDE produces) by using a different sketch (same code link) from this page about a hex uploader and wiring like this (you also need an SD card adapter):

Chip programmer

The first sketch and wiring should at least confirm your chips are OK. The second one is an alternative way of programming them.


I would suggest you to take a look at this video which explains step by step how to program the ATtiny85. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9WOwDrpRKs

From my early days trying to program the ATtiny, i have watched this video.

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