I have bought 10 Arduino Mega 2560 clones and all of them have the same problem. When I connect the to my PC I get a message that windows cannot recognize that device and the LED at the board in R17 blinks non stop. normally this led stops when the arduino is ready. Also in the Arduino IDE I don't see the port option enable.

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    Have you installed the drivers?
    – Majenko
    Feb 8 '16 at 18:11
  • Yes because i have another arduino mega and a duemilanove and they work Feb 8 '16 at 18:13
  • Are they genuine Arduino?
    – Majenko
    Feb 8 '16 at 18:13
  • No they are clones and the working one is also clone Feb 8 '16 at 18:15
  • You're on your own then. Who know what they might be doing... or even what they might be.
    – Majenko
    Feb 8 '16 at 18:16

You need CH340G drivers. CH340G is a chip that basically replaces the usual ATMega 8U2/16U2 that is used for USB to serial interface. As CH340 cannot be reprogrammed it means that you can't emulate other USB devices with your arduino for example a keyboard.

You can download the drivers here.

  • i have downloaded them before and installed them. Also my concern is that the boot led is not stoping to flash even though i power it from DC power supply and not USB. Feb 8 '16 at 18:53
  • Boot LED? There are three LEDs. The RX, the TX, power and the manual controlled one that blinks on reset and with certain code. I am also 100% sure you have installed the drivers wrong if Device Manager can't detect the device.
    – Avamander
    Feb 8 '16 at 18:57
  • i know the TX and RX leds also in the MEGA there are 2 more leds that blink when you boot it and when it boots the stay ON. In my version now i have one led flashing non stop. Feb 8 '16 at 19:03
  • also in the drivers installation process i got the message drivers installed correctly so i dont know why windows still not recognize it. I have Windows 10 64bit Feb 8 '16 at 19:04
  • The two more LEDs are power (ON) and LED (L). No boot LED; use the right terms that way people can understand you a bit better. Just a friendly reminder. Have you rebooted your machine fully? Google how to do that as I don't have Windows, pressing restart won't do it. Also what pops up if you disconnect and reconnect the Arduino to your PC, does a driver installation window pop up?
    – Avamander
    Feb 8 '16 at 19:09

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