I was trying to switch to Atmel Studio for programming my Due project since it became more and more complex. I managed to use the Arduino Importer Wizard to load a blink.ino file and included all the requested libraries more or less my hand that were marked as missing during compiling. Now the compiling kind of works, but I still get this error:

Error       (inkerScript): No such file or directory    ECU arm-none-eabi-g++.exe   0

The (inkerScript): part is no typo. It is really like this in the console. Taking a look in the Toolchain Options I have these settings (which I am not able to edit): Linker Options

Going into the Miscellaneous Part of the Options I can edit these fields: Miscellaneous Options

By editing the Linker Flags field, I can change the error message from (inkerScript): No such file or directory to e.g. HelloWorld: No such file or directory.

Is there anything wrong with my options? What is the correct setting for "Linker Flags" and what are they doing?

Unfortunately I am not a pro with C++ Compiling / Linker Errors / Settings.


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I just encountered this. After looking at other examples in the compiler command line options, it looks like it should be $(LinkerScript) instead of ($LinkerScript).

In Atmel Studio, go to project properties, toolchain, ARM/GNU Linker, Miscellaneous to find the option to change.

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