I would like to copy a file that is in the root folder of my Yun, to my Macbook. They are connected with an ethernet cable and I am logged into the Yun through ssh. The Yun's IP is while the Mac's is

How can I copy a file from the Yun?

Once I tried to copy a file from the Macbook to the Yun using "scp" and it worked, but now I don't know how to do for the other direction


You simply reverse the arguments. Whatever you used to copy a file to the Yun you just do the opposite to copy from the Yun.

For instance, if you copied to the Yun using:

scp /my/local/file root@

Then you would change it around to copy from the Yun thus:

scp root@ /where/you/want/it/to/go

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