I need to install my Arduino drivers, but Windows 8.1 doesn't seem to like Arduino, and it greys out the update driver button. Therefore I can't select the drivers from the drivers folder in my Arduino IDE folder.

A guy said that there are drivers needed to be installed. But Windows is being a pain in the butt and greys out the update driver software. Also, it refers to Arduino Uno as 'unknown device' if that helps. How do I install the Arduino drivers and make Windows let me install the drivers?

  • Are the drivers signed? – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Jan 15 '16 at 22:03
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    What do you mean? – Max Jan 15 '16 at 22:06
  • Try right-clicking on the .inf file and selecting "install". – Majenko Jan 15 '16 at 22:08
  • Have you tried following the Windows 8 instructions at learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/installing-arduino-ide/windows ? – David Cary Jan 16 '16 at 1:55
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    I've fixed the problem now :). The drivers needed administrator rights for modification and I'm not admin so I asked my admin to allow me to update the drivers – Max Sep 14 '16 at 21:49

The IDE package usually ships with the driver(at-least the latest one).
Go to Program Files in C: and find the Arduino folder and you should find a folder named Drivers. Inside you will find an application named dpinst-x86. Run it and you should be good to go!


Often reinstall the latest arduino IDE with Windows Administrator rights helps (use right click execute as administrator).


If the arduino is undetected in PC go to control panel-device manager - connect the arduino and some COM port will appear click it and troubleshoot make sure your PC is connected to internet and then you will be able to see your com port in arduino ide.

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