I have a ESP8266 and I wonder if it is possible to create a Wi-Fi signal repeater using this module.

  • I can create a network so that devices connect it.
  • I can connect to an existing network.

But I can not connect the network created with the network that I connected

Does anyone know how to do this? or you have any examples?

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    Even if that is possible, the speed will be very low. – Ikbel Jan 4 '16 at 23:51

You can't have a single ESP8266 be both an access point and a client, at least not using the exposed API (recall that the Arduino libaries do not implement much functionality themselves, all they do is call the underlying RTOS API).

Also, a signal repeater is not a radio-only device. It would have to understand the low-level 802.11* protocols and packet types so you don't end up with forwarding loops. You can't do it just by connecting a pair of 8266s back-to-back over SPI and blindly forward packets; there is a lot of networking code that would have to be written.

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