I am trying to upload the Marlin Firmware to my 3D printer's Arduino Mega 2560 and I am experiencing a problem. It keeps saying:

qr_solve.cpp:7:18: fatal error: time.h: No such file or directory
 #include <time.h>
compilation terminated.
Error compiling.

Please help as I'm lost as how to fix it, because I try to scroll up to see what is highlighted in red and I can't find anything.


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From Gerben's link to the googlegroups's thread, Delta robot 3D printers › compiling jcrocholl's Marlin (Ubuntu), as Francis Mallet points out, at the bottom of the thread, it is necessary to change <time.h> to "Time.h":

I copied the content of the Time library right in the Marlin folder, then changed line 7 of qr_solve.cpp from #include to #include "Time.h"

The code compiled and everything seems to be working ok.

So, to iterate, the line in qr_solve.cpp:

#include <time.h>


#include "Time.h"

Now, Marlin.ino should compile as expected.

Note that the latest version of Marlin, from github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin no longer suffers from this issue, but older versions of the software, such as github.com/gpfwestie/kossel_2020_sintron will do, due to line 7, in qr_solve.cpp.


interestingly changing to Time.h didn't work for me (arduino sdk 1.6.9) however commenting out the include line did...


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