I bought a waterproof temperature sensor from Ebay, I am fairly new to this and not sure what I need or need to do in order to get the sensor to output the current temperature to the serial monitor.

Does anyone have any information on where I can get some information on how to wire this? I have looked at various videos online but they are all for a dallas temp sensor and use the dallas library.


  • "The probe the temperature sensor DS18B20 original chip" from the product page. Look for the DS18b20 library.
    – Ron J.
    Commented May 31, 2014 at 13:31

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This probe has the Dallas (now Maxim) DS18b20 sensor in it so you're already on the right track. Search for DS18b20 at arduino.cc. You'll find libraries and lots of forum discussions about using these sensors. Also see page 6 of the DS18b20 datasheet; there are two schematics for wiring the device.

I'm using the parasitic mode (Figure 4 on that page) except I eliminated the transistor switch and connected the MCU pin for the strong-pullup directly to the one-wire bus.

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