I'm trying to better understand what is going on behind the Arduino IDE. First off I am no expert in C or writing firmware to boards but do have experience in real development.

I see currently the Arduino IDE is one big vast library we first select our board. What I don't understand is where are our header files? The source files for the board you select?

Not only that we use a number of functions already detected within the IDE where are these located also is any of this code editable?

I had a look through the Arduino directory and most of this stuff looks like its Java I was hoping for C files. Thanks for any links, help or info anyone can give.

  • In IDE, click File, Preference. In 4th line ("Show verbose output during:"), check the "Compilation" box. On the next compile you'll see a lot of the paths. Then turn it back off. Nov 18, 2015 at 4:52

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Just check the source code. Specifically look at Arduino.h, main.cpp and wiring*.

These files should also be present in the Arduino application folder somewhere, but you'll have to go through quite a few subfolders to find them.

The different boards have different .h file that will specify the pin-numbers and other chip specific data.

The "auto detect" functionality is done by keywords.txt files. At least for libraries. That way if you install a new library with keywords.txt file, the library functions-names are recognized.

The processes of taking all these files, and the users code, and compile it all whole story on it's own.

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