I have tried a Google search and cannot find any place that tells me exactly how to wire the version 12 esp8266 ,

How should it be wired for normal operation and for flashing ?

I am designing a diy pcb and need to know the specifics,to wire a switch for flashing purposes etc.I am using just a esp8266 version 12 standalone without a typical arduino micro-controller attached and will be flashing it to take the arduino ide ,any help with this would be great as I'm sure someone has already come across this problem.

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You could find the solution, on the first hit for googling "ESP8266 ESP-12".


You need to connect a few GPIO pins on the ESP-12 to 3.3V or Ground, to set it in the right mode for communicating with it. Here are the connections you need to make :

VCC ----> 3.3V Power supply (Vout of LM1117)

GND ----> Ground of power supply

CH_PD ----> HIGH (3.3V)

GPIO2 ----> HIGH (3.3V)

GPIO15 ----> LOW (GND)

GPIO0 ----> HIGH or Floating for AT Mode (3.3V) [ * if you want to flash completely different firmware then you must connect it to ground ]

You need to connect GPIO0 to GND for flashing and to VCC for normal operation.

  • Thank you ,i wasn't sure where to believe as their seemed to be conflicting information but this could be due to different configurations,thank you for answering my question at least i can be sure now.Thank you
    – kelevra88
    Oct 18, 2015 at 20:27

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