Good day! I need help regarding the use of SD card on Arduino. I need to store some recorded music and I want the Arduino to process it. Do I need to add some module? And circuitry? Libraries and code. What code do I need to use? Thanks!

  • While you can do this, a classic Arduino is generally a poor choice for this - it's not only relatively slow as a computer, it is very short on buffer memory. – Chris Stratton Oct 25 '15 at 5:03

The SD card uses the SPI interface. You can search on amazon/aliexpress/ebay or some electronic shop for an adapter, either to wire or to mount as shield. The answer would have been one google search away.


The easiest way would to use Arduino Ethernet shield, it has SD card socket. And use SD Card library which is already inicluded in Arduino install. Just add this library and run one of samples. SD card better be formatted as FAT16.

If you don't have Arduino Ethernet shield, you can connect SD card as in following schematic:


SD card already have SPI interface (another is SDIO option), but it is 3.3V so if your Arduino is 5V one, level converter is needed (CD4050 in above schematic).

Then use samples from library.

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