I bought a 10 V Piezzo electric buzzer and I wonder how to connect it to an Arduino (in my case a Lilypad USB, but the question stands for any Arduino I guess...). I hadn't realized this was a 10V buzzer, whereas the Arduino will support at most 5V.

I tried a simple layout such as below, with the sample code from a sparksfun tutoral, but that's not working!

lilypad connected to buzzer

So, how can I do it? ... or should I use another buzzer ?



Your options:

  1. Try it anyway with 5V: the buzzer might still produce loud enough sounds for your needs.
  2. Use the line from the arduino to drive an "amplifying" stage (ex: 2N2222 in ON/OFF mode) - but this will also require a 10V source (like a step-up voltage converter)
  3. Get a piezo that is designed to operate at 5V
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  • I'll try next week-end and let you know, thanks. – user1381 Sep 14 '15 at 20:12
  • I haven't managed to get any sound, but I'm probably doing it wrong. I connected the buzzer to output pin 9 (and the other one to GND), and used the code here : no sound. I also tried with another 5V buzzer : no sound. – user1381 Sep 19 '15 at 10:14

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