I am trying to make a program using 'Energia'

Energia is based on the latest and greatest Arduino IDE modified for TI Launchpad & RedBearLab development boards.

and RedBearLab Wifi Mini v1.0.

Every time I upload a program, even with the standard Arduino 'Blink' example, it resets my board and I need to manually click the RESET button on the board.

I have all the drivers and add-ons installed correctly. How do I fix that? This is what it shows on the console when I upload a program.

Using HID to reset for RedBearLab board
Opening \\.\COM10
Getting storage list
Bootloader Version: 4
Silicon version ES1.32 or higher
Bootloader version is 2, 1, 4, 0
It's a CC3200 device: PG1.33 or higher
Switch UART pinmux to APPS
Switch to NWP bootloader complete
Load common boot command for PG1.33 or higher
Bootloader version is 2, 0, 4, 0
BlockSize is 4096, number of blocks is 16
erasing 13 blocks starting from  0
erasing file "/sys/mcuimg.bin"
deleting file "/sys/mcuimg.bin"
erase file completed
Downloading file "/sys/mcuimg.bin" with size 2936
.Download complete

I think it always will if the redbear is the type of board that has very little memory and only runs one program at given time. It resets to run the new program in my humble opinion. Your mileage may vary.

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