I been trying to interface MPU6050 and HMC5883 with an Arduino Pro Mini/Nano. I²C scanner works just fine and identifies the device with no issues. I let the I²C scanner run like for 5 minutes and I see fumes coming out of the chips and sometimes the Arduino itself is burnt. I tried pull up resistors 2.2k, 7k without any luck. Has anyone got any inputs to this issue. Really frustrating to spend a weekend on this :(

To rule out the possibility of 5V supply causing the burn out I tried 3.3V from Nano and made promini 3.3V from 5V. Please see the pictures below.

Arduino Nano 3.3v was used to power up the I²C.

Arduino Nano Circuit.

Pro Mini Circuit.

Pro Mini jumper was desoldered from 5V to 3.3V to see if the I²C chips are saved from being burnt. In both these setup voltage accross the I²C chip was measured and it was 3.3V.

Still no luck!

If you guys are to make the same circuit how would you do it and where would you get the components from? I must be doing something wrong and hope we together can figure it out.

Components are bought from eBay and the links are here. GY521 = goo.gl/Y4aDph HMC5883 = goo.gl/DfrC9l
Arduino Nano = goo.gl/CaAykI PROMINI = goo.gl/79PVOM

This is some background of why this issue resolution is so important to me: Just give you a backgroud of why I am doing this: I am building a quadcopter myself. Infact built one using GY80, but the module was expensive also it eventually got burnt out for the same reason mentioned above. Here is the first successful test flight of my first quadcopter goo.gl/rn6xWG (add https:// since I am rookie there is limitation on how many links I can post). If I can make the same thing work using GY521 and HMC5883 it would be awesome and cheaper.

Update on 08/11 @12:45 PM CST I think it is because of the Pro Mini, I²C chips are getting fried. When using Nano, I think it is because of the voltage level difference between the SDA/SCL lines causing the problem. With Pro Mini tripped for 3.3V, I was not able to see any serial data from the chip too. To end all these I placed an order for 3.3V 8 MHz Pro Mini from amazon goo.gl/FjgTGj Let see how that goes.

  • Please post your wiring, or a photo of what you are doing, or both. Certainly the chips should not let out smoke. – Nick Gammon Aug 10 '15 at 5:53
  • 1
    burnt for no reason - chips don't burn for "no reason". There is a reason, you just haven't found it yet. – Nick Gammon Aug 10 '15 at 6:21
  • Arduino Nano/PROMINI, A4->SDA, A5->SCL, VCC to VCC, GND -> GND. Simple wiring on a bread board. I will send the picture later once i set up the circuit again. – Mohamed Aug 10 '15 at 15:05
  • The MPU6050 is a 3.3v device. Make sure you don't power it using 5v. Also make sure you don't connect the pull-ups to 5v, but to 3.3v. Also make sure there are no other breakouts on the I2C line that have pull-up resistors to 5v. Also disable the internal pull-ups inside the arduino – Gerben Aug 10 '15 at 15:08
  • Here is the diagram db.tt/4ocbNOYW. Without pullup resistors and trying the GY521 or HMC5883 alone is burning the chip. GY521 or HMC5883 I am using is a 3-5V variant should have been working just fine. GY521 = goo.gl/Y4aDph HMC5883 = goo.gl/DfrC9l Arduino Nano = goo.gl/CaAykI PROMINI = goo.gl/79PVOM – Mohamed 2 mins ago edit – Mohamed Aug 10 '15 at 15:40

enter image description hereFixed the issue with a dedicated 3.3V power supply. I2C scanner is running for 30 minutes with no issues so far.

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