I don't understand how to publish to mqtt with retain option (The fourth parameters)

I know that I need length in an byte array but I've try allot to determine how to calculate my payload message to an byte var.

here is my code to publish once I am connected.

String str;
char chBright[4];
str = String(ledBrightness); //converting integer into a string
str = str + '%';
str.toCharArray(chBright, 4);
MQTTClient.publish("/maison/GF/Escalier/stairLight/b", chBright);

document ask the third parameter to be an byte

topic – the topic to publish to char*

payload – the message to publish byte array

length – the length of the message byte

retained – whether the message should be retained byte

0 – not retained

1 – retained

mqtt client for Arduino

How in c++ to get bytes from the message I want to publish?

Tank you to clarify my knowledge


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How to Publish to MQTT with retain option?

The quick answer is add payload length, and retained as true as the last parameters to publish().

const int BUF_MAX = 8;
char buf[BUF_MAX];
itoa(ledBrightness, buf, 10);
strcat(buf, "%");
int len = strlen(buf) + 1;
MQTTClient.publish("/maison/GF/Escalier/stairLight/b", buf, len, true);

Above is a rewrite with the extra parameter for "retained", payload length, and payload as a null-terminated string.



How in c++ to get bytes length from the message I want to publish?

For a String object, the method length() tells you the length.


int len = str.length ();

For a null-terminated C-type string, you can use strlen, eg.

char foo [20] = "bar";
int len = strlen (foo);

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