I need to power an enclosed Arduino Fio project with 12V. The intention is not to attach a battery because there is no need as this is a fixed installation with a 12V DC available (for a pair of relays which will be controlled by the Fio).

My question is what Pins should I use. The Fio page (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardFio) on the Arduino web site says...

Input Voltage 3.35 -12 V Input Voltage for Charge 3.7 - 7 V

Unfortunately, there is no indication what pins these specs refer to. I assume that the "Input Voltage for Charge" refers to the mini-USB port and unlike other Arduino boards, there is no Vin pin to supply the board externally. Looking at the board layout on the same web page, I think the only possible option is via the two pins in parallel to the battery port which I suppose are then going into the voltage regulator on the board.

Any comments or suggestions? Has anyone done something similar?

  • Check the schematic. You can connect the voltage the the JST battery connector, or JP3 (I'd double check those two holes are connected to the JSP using a mulimeter). But I'm slightly doubtful about that 12v rating they give on the webpage. The voltage regulator can handle that, but I don't think the battery charger IC (MAX1555) can handle 12v on the BAT pin, looking at the datasheet. – Gerben Jul 4 '15 at 19:10

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