When I try to upload I get this error. I cannot upload the program into my Arduino Mega ADK board. I tried putting the drivers agiain too, but it does not work.

avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer

Is it the problem with the hardware or the system? Please help me. Thank you :)


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I get this problem sometimes with some of my boards. I usually solve the problem following these steps:

  • Set the compiler on debug/verbose mode to see what's happening
  • Launch compilation/upload
  • When the compile phase is done, and the upload process is about to start, press the reset button on the board

Usually that takes care of the problem.


What @dda says in his answer are good points.

Removing the board USB for a few seconds, then re-plugging and re-selecting the COM port in the IDE usually fixes it. Sometimes when you un-plug and re-plug the board it changes COM ports.

Also if you have a short-circuit wired to your arduino sometimes it becomes non-responsive in this manner.

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