So I'm trying to hook up this BLE breakout board to an Arduino Uno. SparkFun has a hookup guide which seems to be great for someone who has an FTDI SmartBasic that is mentioned in the article. I don't have the SmartBasic board, and would like to see if this is possible without it.

I have hooked up the board to my Uno with the following pinouts:

GRN -> Reset 
RXI -> RX (tried with TX as well) 
TXI -> TX (tried with RX as well) 
VIN -> Tried 5V and 3.3V 
BLK -> (No Connection)

I use their example code they have provided, uploaded without the RX and TX pins hooked up because, from what I notice, you cannot upload a program through the USB serial when these ports are in use. So after I upload the program through USB, I power the board with a battery and connect the RX and TX pins to the BLE board.

Has anyone either successfully hooked these up without the use of a SmartBasic? I'm a programmer by trade so I do my best to understand this side of the spectrum.

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So I found out what I was doing wrong, and want to smack myself for it -.-

The answer was to simply hook up the BLK connection (which I guess is also ground) to a GND pin on the Arduino Uno.

Hope this ends up helping someone out.

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