I've just bought a new LinkIt ONE IoT prototyping board, and I'm having trouble getting started with it.

I'm working on a mac. I've installed the LinkIt ONE SDK onto my Arduino IDE as specified in the instructions here: http://labs.mediatek.com/fileMedia/download/5fed7907-b2ba-4000-bcb2-016a332a49fd

When I go to upload my first sketch to my board, the sketch compiles and goes through uploading, but before it uploads, it stops uploading and the Arduino IDE perpetually tells me "Uploading...". When I look at the console below, it's telling me this:

[txd] AT

[txd] AT

[medrv]: Time out call back

[error] time out
[medrv]: Kill timer, event is AT_TIMEOUT

I've read some forums about an issue similar to this on the MediaTek website, but they don't help with the issue on the Mac. The ability to use LinkIt ONE on a Mac is new only this month, so I believe if we come up with a fix for this issue, it will help lots of people in the future who have this similar problem.

  • I should add that I'm unable to select the specified USB port when I click Tools > Port > (required port specified by MediaTek)
    – slomdogmillionaire
    Jun 21, 2015 at 6:49

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Disclaimer: I do not have access to one of these devices to test this on.

Section 3.4.1 of LinkIt's developer's guide (which you linked to) seems to indicate that it is necessary to install COM port drivers on OS X before you can communicate with the board. The [txd] report is communication from your computer to the board, so it seems like you are never establishing a connection. The suggestions in the developer's guide are as follows:

If you are using a LinkIt ONE development board on Mac OS X 10.10, then a USB driver is required to enable connectivity with and firmware updates on the LinkIt ONE development board. The OS X 10.10 built-in generic CDC ACM USB driver is not compatible with three ports available on the LinkIt ONE development board. The steps to install a custom driver to enable the BROM port for Firmware Updater are as follows:

  1. Extract the content of the zip file available in LinkIt ONE SDK software’s Driver folder (see 2.3.2, “Installing LinkIt ONE SDK”) named MacOS_USB_COM_Driver_BM_xxx.xx.x.zip.

  2. Run the installation package (BMCDCACM_Driver_v115.05.0.mpkg) and click Next to install it.

  3. Wait until driver installation has finished, then restart your Mac.

BROM USB driver installation is now complete and you have access to the MTK USB Serial ports.

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