I am using a arduino nano to control a adafruit ultimate gps and a xbee wireless controller. However I recently ran into a problem using both at the same time (before I was using each separately until now) and read that I cannot listen to 2 software serials at the same time with a arduino. The biggest problem I see is that since I can only listen to one at a time, if I open a port, will cached data from the xbee and/or gps instantly start transferring in? Or or it more luck based that I will catch it as it comes? How should I go about coding around this? Should I just close and reopen the ports as needed(assuming there is no luck factor involved)? Any help is greatly appreciated. I will explain more if necessary.

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You can use SoftwareSerial library in order to instantiate a second (soft) serial port.

By looking at the example, it seems that you can use any two digital pins to use SoftwareSerial library and instantiate a second serial port along with the hardware serial port.


You might be able to use the GPS's EN pin to enable and disable the communication to it, and also try to use the RTS/CTS pins of the XBee to control the flow, since that's their actual purpose there :)

I hope that helped.

  • The EN pin might shut it down and then you'll have to reconnect to sattelites? You could however, use a transistor on the dataline so you can toggle the stream of data coming in.
    – aaa
    Nov 16, 2015 at 9:56

The Mega and the Due have 4 UARTs. It seems like those should work, but they are much larger. I'm embarking on a project that needs to be small and use two serial ports. I'm looking at the Teensy, which has three UARTs.

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