I'm a bit new to electronics/Arduino projects, so am looking for some help on some wiring needed for a project involving this Pull Chain: http://proto-pic.co.uk/pull-chain-switch/

The chain works like a fan chain would.

I am using an Arduino UNO

I have wired up the pull chain to a mini breadboard with a light that turns on and off just to test it's working. What I want to do, is get an analog/digital read each time the chain is pulled?

Is this possible? If so, would you be able to help me with how it would be wired up, as I am completely new to the electronics side of Arduino. I simply need to get a reading each time the chain is pulled, I don't need it to switch a light on.

Thanks all!


Connect it between ground and an interrupt pin configured as an input with the pullup enabled. Configure the interrupt to trigger on any state change. Check the digital value of the pin in the ISR.


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