I need to transfer files from my local machine to my Arduino Yun.

I have tried:

scp /Users/SSCirrus/Documents/index.html root@arduino.local:/root
scp ~/Users/SSCirrus/Documents/index.html root@arduino.local:/root
# No such file or directory (referring to my desktop)

I have confirmed that the filepath is accurate. What's wrong here?

  • Try ~/Documents/index.html – Majenko Jun 11 '15 at 15:42

Try ~/Documents/index.html

The ~ represents the current user's home directory, so ~/Documents is the Documents folder for the current user. It means you don't have to make sure you have spelled the user's home directory exactly right.

Other options are:

  • $HOME/Documents/index.html
  • Documents/index.html (if you are in your home directory)
  • cd ~/Documents then just use index.html

... the list goes on ...

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