How do I put the sensor value and text on the one line in the serial monitor.

I just want Pot Value 30 to show in the serial console. What am I doing wrong?

Serial.println("POT value ")(sensorValue);

You just do two Serial prints:

Serial.print("POT value ");

The .print prints without moving to a new line, the .println moves to a new line.

If you want to be more fancy and don't mind the processing and memory overhead, you can use snprintf to format the string:

char temp[15];
snprintf(temp, 15, "POT value %4d", sensorValue);

You can read more about sprintf and formatting here:

Note that there is no floating point support in the standard library for the Arduino - so you can't use %f etc.

  • Thanks Mate perfect, i have only just started on this. Thanks for your help it worked! – claycode Jun 5 '15 at 12:20

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