I'm installing some daylight running lights in my car and I have purchased 2 LED bars, each with 8 white LEDs. They use 12V and I need to make some effect when they turn on. Like in some modern cars, when I turn on the key, LEDs should blink(shake like when old fluorescent tubes turns on) and then turn on slowly(brightness from 0-100).

I can do this with Arduino-Uno and I need to put this in a smaller chip. What would be the best suitable ATTiny chip for this project? Because using an ATmega328 is not worth for a small project like this.

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The ATtiny85 is an 8-pin AVR device with 3 PWM channels available in DIL and SO packages. The Arduino core can be downloaded from arduino-tiny. It can be programmed via ISP using either ArduinoISP or a dedicated programmer.

  • I have done a similar project, and can verify it works well. Make sure you have a transistor between the attiny and the LEDs (and a resistor between the attiny and the transistor!), so the high amps & 12 volts aren't drawn through the attiny. If you step down the voltage from 12v to 5v, make sure you check that they have a common ground - measure the voltage between the car battery's ground (negative) and the attiny's ground. Commented May 28, 2015 at 4:40

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