We are so tired and would like to get help with this. We are trying to bootload using the arduino Uno.

We have an atmega 328p smd , that we are trying to bootload. We have connected all the right pins, added to the boards.txt the "Atmega328 on a breadboard(8mhz internal clock)".

Then I have chosen from the "board" menu, this option (internal clock), and uploaded the program. it worked .

Later, I wanted to try and bootload for external clock so I chose from the boards menu the pro mini with 5v board.(is it wrong?)

Not only that I got an error, now, I can't bootload the internal clock again !!

Why can't we bootload again? Did we damage something? Can it be reset again? How can you bootload for external 16Mhz ??

error :

avrdude: Yikes!  Invalid device signature.
         Double check connections and try again
  • When burnt the Pro Mini bootloader did it work?
    – RSM
    Apr 27 '15 at 14:08
  • Check This out my problem have been solved. youtube.com/… Jan 22 at 1:48
  • Please check capacitor value it must be in between 18pF to 20pF(The capacitors used for crystal) Aug 6 at 17:45

Not only that I got an error, now, I can't bootload the internal clock again !

You need an external clock source, such as a crystal and two capacitors. Once you switch the fuses to the external clock it won't work any more unless you have such a clock.

I have a bootloader uploader sketch that also provides a clock signal if you need it.

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