I bought a Arduino Wi-Fi Module it does not have any manual or catalog

my project is to turn on/off a motor wireless enter image description here it is working grate for the serial/usb cable but i couldn't make it work for wireless/wifi

after some walking around i found that my wifi module is making a wifi network called "HL-link_A49D" with password from 1-8 and after network scanning i found that the module ip is username and pass are admin/admin here is what i found

enter image description here

my question is how could i connect to the wifi module and send commands to it ?

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Good detective work so far!
In the admin page you found one can see the name of the module: HLK-RM04. Googling on that I found the manufacturer/seller page.

A PDF with some information can be found here.

Also one link with somebody's experience with the module.

For other projects you might want to try as well the ESP8266 - very cheap and seems a lot of people have experience with it, so you might find more information on the net.

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