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Top new questions this week:

How to Set the Control Register on the DS3231 RTC module for Arduino UNO R3?

I am using the DS3231 RTC connected to an Arduino UNO R3 for a project. I won’t go into detail, but I need to save power, therefore I am using the DS3231 Alarm Interrupt to wake the Arduino from ...

arduino-uno power code-review rtc  
asked by Samarth Kabbur 1 vote
answered by Edgar Bonet 0 votes

7-Segment Display with WS2312B and FastLED

I thought of the idea of using the WS2312B LED strip to drive a custom 7-Segment display. The project will require a large number of these displays, and driving them with a single Arduino (I'm ...

arduino-ide led rgb-led led-strip functions  
asked by MDChaara 1 vote
answered by Gerben 1 vote

Thermocouple and multimeter

I've put together this script that should allow my Arduino Mega to be show thermocouple readings on the serial monitor, whilst also showing readings of voltage and ohms across a given component. I'd ...

code-review code-optimization voltage voltage-divider thermocouple  
asked by Chris 1 vote
answered by Thomas Weller 1 vote

Is it possible to program Arduino in transpiled JavaScript?

Coming from JS, I find it very difficult to program Arduino in C++ (not even knowing which version or what features are supported), being bound to the loop and delay, not being able to (easily) use ...

arduino-micro teensy  
asked by Qwerty 1 vote
answered by Sim Son 1 vote

DIP switch highest position

This modify code (original: shows which position of 6-position DIP switch are On and OFF. How can I get only the ON ...

asked by alirazi 1 vote
answered by JRobert 0 votes

Serialize JSON as response to HTTP request

I'd like my ESP8266 to provide some JSON endpoints. I want to use ArduinoJson for serialisation. While this works in general if I serialize into a String and return this String afterwards, I was ...

esp8266 web-server json  
asked by Nitek 1 vote
answered by Benoit Blanchon 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Arduino Nano v3.0 with ESP8266

I am attempting to connect and use an ESP8266 board with my Arduino nano v3.0 and I am not have much luck. I have read a bunch of tutorials and articles, the most recent is ...

arduino-ide arduino-nano esp8266  
asked by Yonkee 2 votes
answered by max246 3 votes

Getting BPM from the given code

I have found code that can blink an LED on Arduino according to Heart Beat. I am using AD8232 as a sensor for Heart Rate. Code for it is: // Variables int PulseSensorPurplePin = 0; // Pulse Sensor ...

arduino-uno sensors timers  
asked by Mudassir Hussain 2 votes
answered by VE7JRO 1 vote

Combining code for multiple sensors in one program

I need to operate 2 different sensors (gas and temp) simultaneously. I have managed to run each one of them separately and I don't know how to manipulate the code so they could work together. My ...

programming sensors  
asked by SHR 2 votes
answered by Vasil Kalchev 4 votes

"stray '/302' in program error" when compiling

For some weird reason, the following code doesn't compile. I get a "stray '\302' in program" error around volatile unsigned int encoderPos = 0;, and I have no idea what the issue is. I've been trying ...

programming arduino-ide sketch compilation-errors  
asked by user2950509 3 votes
answered by Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams 5 votes

What is the work of pulseIn?

I have code for an ultrasonic sensor which I found from a site. Here is the code: #define trigPin 12 #define echoPin 13 void setup() { Serial.begin (9600); pinMode(trigPin, OUTPUT); ...

arduino-uno sensors pulsein  
asked by shajib0o 9 votes
answered by sachleen 8 votes

CH340 Nano avrdude: stk500_getsync() not in sync resp=0xa4

I'm trying to upload some code to an non-arduino nano with the CH340G chip, and the avrdude refuses to let me upload. The error I'm getting is: Using Port : COM4 Using Programmer ...

uploading windows ch340  
asked by Jason 6 votes
answered by per1234 12 votes

Modbus RTU controller monitoring with arduino and RS485 module

I'm a medium user in Arduino. I baught a pHmeter controller with RS485 output (MODBUS RTU protocol). I want to get pH value read by the controller over RS485 module and Arduino. According the ...

arduino-uno rs485 modbus  
asked by Teddol 3 votes
answered by Juraj 3 votes
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