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Arduino to Arduino communication

When I send data to an Arduino Uno via the serial monitor, the serial data goes down the same USB cable used to program the Arduino. So there must be a device on the Arduino board like a FTDI or USB-...

user avatar asked by Neil Stockbridge Score of 5
user avatar answered by Nick Gammon Score of 6

Keyestudio KS5009 ESP32WROOM32 Smart Home

I'm encountering persistent errors with the sample code provided for my smart home kit project. Despite conducting extensive research and troubleshooting efforts, I haven't been able to find a ...

esp32 library avr functions home-automation  
user avatar asked by Mars Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I communicate from Arduino to MATLAB

I want to use sensors on an Arduino to control values in a MATLAB program. What are my options for communicating? I've used Processing to receive data sent via the serial cable, and that strategy has ...

serial matlab  
user avatar asked by Bill Nace Score of 8
user avatar answered by sachleen Score of 5

What are the unused pins in an Arduino L293D motor shield?

What are the unused pins in an Arduino L293D motor shield? I want to connect the shield using wires instead of directly mounting on top of the Arduino board.

motor shields pins  
user avatar asked by smc Score of 1

What's the difference between analogWrite and digitalWrite?

As the title states. What's the difference between the two? analogWrite(pin,0-255) vs digitalWrite(pin,LOW-HIGH)

digital analogwrite  
user avatar asked by pijemcolu Score of 9
user avatar answered by TanyaV Score of 18

NodeMCU - Vin pin as 5V output?

I know that Vin can be used to power the board but have also been reading that it can be used as a 5V output. Is it possible to assign Vin as an output as I would any other GPIO? If I want to power ...

pins nodemcu voltage  
user avatar asked by acpilot Score of 25
user avatar answered by Majenko Score of 28

What overheads and other considerations are there when using a struct vs a class?

C on embedded systems has traditionally use structs to hold structured data. Arduino brings C++ to the table, so we can use classes instead. Lets say we have two different data structures which ...

programming c++ struct class  
user avatar asked by Cybergibbons Score of 22
user avatar answered by ratchet freak Score of 18

ESP8266 not connecting to WiFi

I am trying to send the temperatures from an DS18B20 to ThingSpeak, using an ESP8266. You can see the code I am using for that. When I run the code I do not get any errors. In serial monitor it just ...

esp8266 wifi nodemcu  
user avatar asked by Ali Karim Score of 3
user avatar answered by Coder_fox Score of 5

uBlox Neo 6M GPS module not responding

I started recently working with a uBlox Neo 6M GPS module (data sheet I connected it to an Arduino Uno ...

arduino-uno tinygps gps  
user avatar asked by Alrro Score of 3
user avatar answered by Ricardo Score of 7
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